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EK Water Blocks- The Minds Behind the Brand

EK Water Blocks (EKWB)  is named after the founder of the company, Edvard König, who began his liquid cooling journey way back in 1999. At this time, he was one of the only people in the world doing this work, a true pioneer of the industry. Starting from humble beginnings in Slovenia, EKWB has emerged as the leading liquid cooling manufacturer in the world. Read more about the company here!

Mark Tanko, CEO of EKWB, admits a great influence of becoming as popular as they are is by providing products and tools that are tailored both to beginners and advanced builders.

Community engagement and customer service (in several forms) is what Andrej Skraba, Head of Marketing, says are two of their many keys to success. Positioning the company as one who provides quality products is not enough to succeed on the level they want so they also much provide the tools and customer support to help their buyers succeed in their work as well. This is evidenced by the countless helpful videos, guides, and other tools used to assist buyers to use their products to the best of their ability.

Niko Tavadar, CTO, admits the company employs several types of engineers to make sure the products are the best in the industry. With quality as the main focus of building their brand, each product is designed carefully and tested thoroughly by several engineers to ensure EKWB products are helping builders to make the most efficient machines possible.

For all of these reasons, Spartan Liquid Cooling has chosen to partner with EKWB to distribute their products to builders around the US and abroad. Click here to view our latest products including CPU Water Blocks, Hard Tubing Fittings, Plug Fittings and much more. Contact us today with any questions or to place an order now!

What You’ll Need to Build a Custom CPU Loop Solution

There are countless benefits to building your own custom CPU loop solution. For starters, you can choose each part yourself, deciding which pieces are best for the product you want. Before beginning your build, decide which components you want to liquid cool and choose products to purchase from there.

What You Will Need:


Water Blocks

Water blocks are used to transfer heat. Choose your water blocks wisely, as they are a crucial part of the cooling process.


Your reservoirs will hold water in a loop, replacing air bubbles with water. There are several variations of reservoirs to choose from, the best option for you will depend on your needs.


Pumps are essential to any liquid cooling loops, as they provide the energy to push water through the system. Choosing a pump that will be both efficient and powerful will give your PC the boost it needs.

Radiator & Fans

Radiators are used to cool the liquid that is already flowing through the system. By absorbing the heat from the water, the radiator’s fins cool the liquid down.


Fittings help you connect all the parts of your CPU Loop Solution. You will need to match your fittings with your tubing so be sure to pay attention to each product you choose.


The tubing is the second product that will connect everything together to complete the system. Before purchasing any tubing, make sure your fittings match!

How to Cool Your PC: Air Cooling vs. Liquid Cooling

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Upon learning about liquid cooling systems, people often wonder why they need it in the first place if there is already a cooling system in their PC. Read along to find out the basics of both air and liquid cooling and why you should consider moving to a liquid cooling system.


Computers are constantly heating up and cooling themselves down. With heat as one of the biggest issues with computers, it is wise to invest in a system that will deal with this heat effectively. Unless you’ve made changes to your hardware, chances are you have an air cooler in your computer, which is essentially a fan and heat sink. When overheating, the fan runs faster than usual, attempting to cool down the hardware. The issue with this system is that it is only blowing hot air without a place for the air to escape. These fans are noisy; you’ve likely heard them running to attempt to cool down your PC when it’s overheating.


Liquid cooling, on the other hand, offers solutions to the issues that come along with air cooling. By choosing the parts that will make up your new cooling system, you can guarantee that your PC will have a much more effective cooling system. Not only will this system cool your PC much more effectively than the fans, it will do so silently. This will allow your PC to run at top performance without heat slowing it down. Scientifically, water is much more effective at transferring heat than air, up to 10 times more effective in fact. Most liquid cooling systems are relatively easy to install, consider this for your next project!


Spartan Liquid Cooling sells EKWB liquid cooling parts so you can get all the materials you need for your system on our website. View all our products here and contact us for more information!

Ways to Improve Your PC for Better Gaming

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If you spend a lot of time gaming, investing in a system that can keep up with your gaming tendencies is essential. There is much more to it than buying the most advanced equipment if you want a clean, organized, and high-performance gaming system. At Spartan Liquid Cooling, we know not only how to build gamer-ready PCs, but how to make adjustments to any PC to make them capable of handling your lifestyle. Follow along for some tips on how to improve your PC for better gaming.

Upgrade Your Graphics Drivers

  • Looking for a quick speed boost? Consider upgrading your graphic drivers to see results in your PC’s speed instantly.

Install a Liquid Cooling System

  • If you’re an avid gamer, you’ve surely heard of the benefits of moving your PC over to a liquid cooling system, instead of the fans currently cooling your system. If you spend a significant amount of time gaming, you need to make it as easy as possible for your PC to cool down or you are putting your entire system at risk. You can even install the system yourself, making it not only a wise choice but an inexpensive option. Not sure what liquid cooling is? Check out this previous post of ours and find out!

Buy an SSD

  • There are hundreds of brands and products to choose from but moving over to an SSD will surely improve your games’ load times and improve your overall gaming experience.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Use

  • This is a simple fix that, depending on the contents of your PC, could have a significant influence on your PC’s speed. We all have files saved on our PCs that we no longer need that are simply taking up space. Consider spending some time sifting through your files and discarding the things you don’t need in addition to uninstalling applications you do not use.


Spartan Liquid Cooling has all the products you need in order to install a liquid cooling system in your PC. Check out our Products page to view our entire selection and our Custom PC Builds page to view our custom PC work. Contact us today with further inquiries!

Spartan Liquid Cooling Announces Partnership with EKWB

We are proud to announce our partnership with EKWB, the only liquid cooling manufacturer we trust! To help our customers better understand the nature of our relationship with EKWB, we will highlight why we chose EKWB as our only provider and why you should count on our collaboration to improve your computer.


As one of the first to do so, the founder of EKWB, Edvard König, began experimenting with liquid cooling back in 1999, long before it was a common practice. Based in Slovenia, EKWB is now one of the world’s most trusted liquid cooling parts manufacturers. With thousands of different products, EKWB’s production rate is extremely high, therefore most of the company’s focus is on production rather than sales. Because they produce such high-quality products, they are widely sought-after from companies like us as one of the best manufacturers in the industry.


At Spartan Liquid Cooling, we are passionate about our work, striving to give our best to each and every customer. When we build a custom PC, we use only the best products to ensure we are building long-lasting, efficient machines for our customers. Similarly, we only use the best when it comes to liquid cooling products. To view all our available products from EKWB, visit our products page, which we are updating daily. For more information on the services we offer and how we can improve your computer, contact us today!

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What is Liquid Cooling and Why Do I Need It?

Are you still confused as to what exactly liquid cooling is? Here are a few of the basics of liquid cooling, how exactly it works and why you should consider it.

What is liquid cooling? 

  • Water cooling or liquid cooling is a way to cool down the hardware of your computer when it is overheating. The CPU and GPU components of your hardware are most often the source of overheating.

How is my computer cooling down now?

  • Most computers use small fans to cool down their hardware. These fans are noisy and less effective than water cooling.

How does liquid cooling work? 

  • A pump will send water to a water block near the source of the heat. This water will absorb the thermal energy. Thermodynamics makes liquid cooling more effective than a fan that will continue to blow hot air out and begin the process again.

Why should I switch to liquid cooling? 

  • If your computer is generating too much heat, it is dangerous to ignore. Continuing to allow your computer to overheat could cause irreparable damage. While small fans are sufficient for some computer users, many are switching over to liquid cooling for several reasons. Many users who have high-end hardware should choose liquid cooling to ensure their complex system is running to the best of its ability. Additionally, if you want to enhance the speed of your computer, this could be your best solution.

How do I start cooling my computer?

  • Because computers are complex machines with countless varieties, there are several different parts to consider. Check out our products page to order the parts you need to get your computer running safer and faster. Still have questions about liquid cooling or our services? Contact us today!

Experts Believe Liquid Cooling Is On The Brink Of Mainstream Adoption

When considering top performance, reliability, and energy efficiency, mitigating the effects of heat is one of the top considerations for any electronic system. High-performance computing news outlet HPCWire recently sat down to speak with Steve Campbell, co-founder and managing partner at strategy and research firm OrionX. Campbell makes the case for liquid cooling being closer than we think to widespread use in home computers and datacenters. Anyone who has experienced a laptop with a noisy fan can understand the potential benefits offered by advanced, noise-less, high-performance liquid cooling technology, and Campbell argues that expanded offerings from vendors and unbeatable savings on energy costs are currently driving the adoption of a liquid cooling trend.  Drawing from the experience of new advances revealed in liquid-cooling technologies at the recent SC16: International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, Campbell believes we are on the edge of an early tipping point for widespread adoption of liquid cooling technologies.

At the SC16 supercomputing conference, a very impressive number of vendors came equipped with server-oriented liquid cooling technologies. At the dawn of the major advances in computing in the early 1980’s, liquid cooling was limited to big, heavy, and outrageously expensive IBM mainframe class products. But just 30 years later, we are witnessing low level, x86 class server products displaying advanced liquid cooling technology, from Direct-to-Chip to servers to even storage solutions cooled by dielectric fluid.

Liquid cooling, compared to air-cooling, is more economical with up to 40% lower rates of energy usage depending on the installation. Liquid cooling therefore gets the benefit of lowered carbon footprint in contribution to important business goals like green sustainability in data centers. According to a study by data centers in the United States alone used 70 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2014, which factors about two percent of the country’s total energy consumption, according to a 2014 study conducted by the US Department of Energy in collaboration with researchers from Stanford University, Northwestern University, and Carnegie Mellon University. Because liquid cooling reduces energy consumption by up to 40 percent, widespread adoption could potentially reduce overall energy usage by 40% in data center energy consumption alone.

One major reason liquid cooling can be expected to see wider adoption is its ability to increase server density. Because with standard cooling solutions, heat generated from servers rises to the top, and thus there is a hard limit on how many servers you can stack on a single heat before the top of the rack experiences too much heat and shuts down. This forces data centers to add additional racks and extra floor space to increase processing power. The ability to distribute cooling ability with liquid cooling greatly reduces the need for additional racks, meaning that you can have higher data center server density with less square footage. Additionally, liquid cooling servers are operationally silent, which can be a stark contrast to the high acoustic output of the standard data centers of today. Liquid cooling eliminates fans and thus reduces acoustic noise levels, which not only reduces mechanical stress from the lack of vibration from fans, but also can be considered a major quality of life improvement for data center employees. Liquid cooling is also noted to benefit is higher-speed processing – with more efficient cooling, CPUs and other components can be designed or overclocked to run at higher speed, and reliability can also be improved as mechanical and thermal fatigue have been reduced in liquid cooling systems as there are no moving parts, no vibrations from fans for example, and the systems are being cooled more efficiently.

If you are looking for liquid cooling parts, servers, or a full custom build for a home gaming or multimedia PC, contact Spartan Liquid Cooling at 810-SPARTAN (810-772-7826).


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